Katharina Grosse

Wish I Had a Big Studio in the Center of the City
Lars Müller Publishers, Baden, 2009
170 x 230 mm, 144 pages

Artist Katharina Grosse has fulfilled her dream of having her own tailor-made studio—a space that is large enough to accommodate her large-scale works. The architectural firm Augustin und Frank designed the studio in Berlin’s Mitte district, and work was completed in 2007. The result is a compact cube of reinforced concrete containing workrooms, storerooms, archive, offices, and living space.

The book tells the story of the building’s creation beginning with the artist’s first vague ideas and ending with the building’s construction. The book also deals the studio’s theoretical reception vis-à-vis its usage. We engaged the Berlin photographer Heji Shin to capture the building’s atmosphere and the architectural photographer Werner Hutmacher to provide an objective view of the building’s architecture. The book was chosen by Stiftung Buchkunst as one of “Germany’s Most Beautiful Books 2009.”