Universität Basel

Das Projekt Wahrnehmung: Buchstaben, Bilder, Bytes
Books on Demand, Norderstedt, 2004
230 x 160 mm, 316 pages

The book Buchstaben, Bilder, Bytes is a collection of selected essays that arose from an interdisciplinary project at the University of Basel on the subject of “perception” at the confluence of analog and digital media. The book was created using Books on Demand, which meant that only a limited number of production techniques—such a limited selection of paper types and low resolution, monochrome printing—were available.

These factors were incorporated into the book’s design, and a meticulous layout and differentiated typographic design were used to enhance the book’s overall effect. The book was chosen by the Swiss Federal Office of Culture as one of “The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2004.”