Anselm Reyle

The Art of Anselm Reyle
Dumont, Cologne, 2009
370 x 300 mm, 532 pages

Anselm Reyle’s first extensive monograph forms a retrospective of his artistic achievements of the last ten years in a lavish, large-format volume. The chronologically arranged and generously designed illustration section, which is printed using three different specially-mixed neon colors, forms the main body of the book.

A series of precisely ordered and technically elaborate print finishing techniques—such as foil stamping, silkscreen printing, and embossing—are rhythmically interwoven throughout the book to create new combinations of these paintings selected from the artist’s body of work. The results are new images that truly transform this monograph into an artist’s book. Production was planned by Heimann und Schwantes and executed in close cooperation with the lithographer Max Hannes.