Prishtina is Everywhere

Edited by Kai Vöckler and Archis Interventions
Parthas Verlag, Berlin; Archis, Rotterdam, 2008
170 x 24 mm, 224 pages

After NATO-led KFOR troops intervened to put an end to the civil war in Kosovo in 1999, the capital of Prishtina immediately found itself in the midst of a building boom that would dramatically change the face of the city. The city’s population doubled within only a few years—partly as a consequence of returning refugees—and local investors made huge profits on “hit and run” projects. The result was haphazard development and random sprawl resulting in serious functional and structural problems for the future.

This book is simultaneously a documentation, archive, study, field report, and instruction guide. The multilayered relationships that led to the phenomena described in the book are presented using simplified visuals and illustrated diagrams that borrow consciously from the style of Otto Neurath’s pedagogical imagery.